Keep Your Savage Collection Shining For Life!

Jewelry Care Instructions

Every Savage product is ensured by our lifetime warranty, guaranteed to never dull or fade with proper care. Savage is committed to providing the highest quality jewelry available. 
With the appropriate care, you can be assured that your Savage Collection will stay shining for life. Here are some tips to keep your shine on point.

  • Remove your jewelry at night - try not to sleep with your jewelry on. Sleeping in your jewelry could cause it to break in some situations.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry place - Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom, as the consistent moisture and humidity can effect the shine of your jewelry.
  • Do not clean your jewelry with chemicals - you can easily clean each piece with a soft cloth and soap water.
  • Clean your items often to maintain shine and remove the sweat and dirt that will accumulate with average wear. Use a lightly damp cloth, and gently wipe down your item, use a clean towel to dry. To clean chains and necklaces, hold the piece by the clasp, do not tug at the chain to avoid rupturing the clasp.
  • For jewelry that contains rhinestones, crystals, or stones, wipe the item gently, do not rub. Make sure to be careful around the corners or prongs that can catch on to your towel.

The Savage lifetime warranty includes items that have been treated with proper care. We maintain the right to refuse warranty to any items that show signs of excessive wear. If you have additional questions, see our Warranty page for more information.